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Allied Security Ltd is a leading provider of security services throughout the UK

ALLIED FORCES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has been established to provide highest quality security services solution with competitive price guarantee. Our aim is to cater each of our clients individually to ensure their safety and satisfaction. We bring you the best possible security operatives who are experienced in their own fields, can follow command and communicate well. Our operational management strategy is to tailor our services to the requirements of each individual event and venue.

Financial Business Support


We want to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. So, we’ve combined all the links to Government financial business support.


In an ever-changing fast-paced world, businesses need to be more agile and proactive. A crucial part of the Allied Security philosophy is to grow via acquisitions and mergers, allowing for a greater skill and knowledge base allowing for improved agility and performance.

We are constantly looking to enhance our skill-base and experience and to bring on-board new clients and talented people. By proactively searching for complementary businesses to acquire and integrate into Allied Security, we hope to use acquisitions and mergers to fuel even more growth in the future.˙

Featured Services


Event Security

Get VIP access to professional and experienced security guards who can protect your special occasion from harm. We offer various types of security services for any type of event, with special procedures for emergencies.

security guard

Construction Security

Safeguard your construction site with our manned, mobile and surveillance security. Deterring crime, highly trained experts and fast response solutions are just a few of our many benefits for your construction business.


Retail Security

Protect your retail business with us to deter crime in your retail premises. Our range of security guards, loss prevention services, profit improvement services, CCTV and store detectives are providing leading businesses top-level safety.

Industrial Security

We know that protecting expensive machinery, chemicals and tools are just some valuables of key importance to industrial businesses. Which is why we can offer your locations bespoke security especially for your needs.

Corporate Security

Choose Allied Security for your corporate business and we will commit to providing professional and dedicated services. These can be provided in all kinds of ways, including concierge, reception, office, and many more.

Allied security

Public Sector Security

We have been providing public sector security to organisations for over 25 years. Professional manned security guards, rapid alarm response time, control of access points and aiding constituents and individuals are some of many skills our security offers.